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GNP Proration System Page
I am developing Free Software Airline Proration System: GNP Proration System.

The goal is to produce and release 100% IATA compatible, 100% Free Software, 100% Pure Java compatible Airline Passenger Coupon Proration System.

We have finished the development work at Dec. 2009 and released the finished version.
Our new goal is to distribute this system to many airline companies. And we hope the companies will use this system practically, and we prove the efficiency of the system and collect many utilization results, and improve the system to the better one by cooperating with the user companies.

Sorry: GNP Proration System Demo is currently unavailable

If you want to see demo, please inform the developer of GNP.

Follow this instruction to install and run GNP Proration System on your server computer instantly:

Proration EJB Application Quick Start

XMINSIMUL minimum simulation service with GNP Proration Service

XMINSIMUL minimum simulation service allows you to simulte proration before issuance of tickets so that you can issue tickets in the way that greater benefit is brought to your company through the use of our GNP Proration System.

In XMINSIMUL minimum simulation service an itinerary is set in the process of ticket issuance and all possible combinations of carriers are retrieved from Then the simulation results of proration are calculated and the combinations of carriers are sorted from the ones that bring greater benefit to your company group. The technique utilized for this service is a classical artificial intelligence, a search algorithm for state space graph.

XMINSimul minimum simulation service EJB Application Service Page using GNP Proration System Sample Server

There are 3 components in GNP Proration System:

1) The Proration Server
2) The Proration client Web Application in Struts (reference implementation)
  • 1) and 2) are packaged in prorateEjb.ear EAR file when the service is deployed on EJB3/JBOSS.

  • 3) The Proration Rulebase Editor

    Proration Database I/O Client Web Application EJB3 Entity Bean and Session Bean (reference implementation)

    GNP Proration System Release 1.0 is released now.

    I made this GNP Proration System as a free software product. And in this are implemented most of the basic features required for the passenger coupon proration system in proration rules defined by IATA, I believe. Feel free to try and use this, and modify it to suit for your business.

    The GNP Proration System and these classes are free software. You can use and re-distribute a class without restriction (in source or binary form) as long as you use a version has not been modified in any way from a version released by Hitoshi Guutara Maruyama, or GNP Ltd. You may make and distribute a modified version, provided you follow the terms of the GNU General Public License; either version 3, or any later versions. More about the license, refer COPYING.
    The classes in the libraries of proration service client interface are licensed in the GNU Lesser General Public License, so you can make your proprietary program to interface GNP proration service. More about this Lesser GPL license, refer COPYING2.

    GNP Proration System Installation CD-ROM Images

    We supply GNP Proration System Installation CD-ROM Image for your convinience to install GNP System instantly.
    You can download GNP Proration System Installation CD-ROM Image .
    This contains The Proration Server and The Proration client Web Application in Struts (reference implementation) packaged in prorateEjb.ear, Proration Rulebase Editor prubae.jar, and Proration Database I/O Client Web Application EJB3 Entity Bean and Session Bean (reference implementation) auditEjb.ear.
    You can install these all contents by following the instraction described in README in the CD-ROM Image.
    This CD-ROM image can be installed onto Linux/CentOS5.2 and 5.3, and Solaris10/Sparc and x86.

    For Solaris10 installation, we also supply pre-installation CD-ROM image for Solaris10.
    You can download GNP Proration System Pre-Installation CD-ROM For Solaris Image .
    For pre-installation instraction, please refer README in the CD-ROM image.

    Download Packages

    You can download packages of every part of GNP Proration System from this page: gnp download page in

    Download Source

    You can download whole GNP Proration System source package from here the gzipped tar file: gnp-1.0.tar.gz

    Any questions, Bug reports, Bug fixes, Request for support or anything, please e-mail to the developer of GNP.

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